The previous introduction to our Huguenot Builders, Inc. web page was taken from an article that Spec Build Magazine had written on us several years ago. They interviewed me and wrote an excellent article that pretty much summed up the history of HBI and how we operate. However, the article is about three years old now and we decided it was time to update. I researched other web sites of builders that I know and most of them were excellent, but in the end, they all basically said the same thing. As I read them, I wondered how people would really know what builder to select.

I have a very simple philosophy that goes back to 1977, when I founded HBI. At that time, I did my own framing, siding, trim, cleaning, and even washed the windows. I wanted to build every home so that I would be proud to move into it myself. Now, thirty years later and about 1200 homes built in the surrounding counties of Richmond, Virginia, I still have that same philosophy. I train my supervisors to build each home as if they were going to own it. If there is something about a home that they would not like, then chances are someone else will not like it either. It is really just common sense and very simple and once you have that mind set, you end up with a better product and a finished home that you can be proud to say you built. It is not always a smooth ride. Subcontractors make mistakes, weather intervenes, and incorrect materials are delivered, but the time to take care of those and other snags is when they happen, before you have gone too far and have a bigger problem. Take the time; make it right and then go on to the next step. I believe in this method and know that it works.

My supervisors have manuals written by me, that they carry with them every day. It explains what to do in different situations and what I expect. We provide a ten year warranty with Professional Warranty Corporation on each home. The supervisors also carry this manual with them so they can explain to the buyer exactly how the warranty works and what they can expect.

I still love building new homes. I love the people I work with and build for and I love the challenge. I am still hands-on and if you need me, I can be contacted on my cell phone (804-350-7794). I make certain that our post closing attention is top priority. We actually do our own walk-thru before the buyer does theirs and consequently, we have very short punch lists at closing. Ninety percent of the time, punch list items are taken care of prior to the buyer moving in. It is much easier to do a good job when you do not have to worry about possibly damaging furniture.

We make every effort at HBI to keep up with the housing trends and offer attractive homes. We build in several different price ranges and we will build on your lot.

We now have available on every new home, the services of a professional decorator to help our buyers make those very important decorating selections.

Finally, I would suggest that anyone interested in using us, should visit the neighborhoods in which we build. Ask the agent representing us to give you names and addresses of people we have built for and go visit their homes or ask the agent to arrange for you to see some of our finished plans. What I hope to have conveyed to you in this introduction is that we try to do the best we can with each and every home we build, because, after all, we are "Building our reputation every day".

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